Picture of Peter ZiamandanisMy name is Peter Ziamandanis, owner of Palatial Building and Development and I have been in the construction business for over 25 years. With experience in just about all phases of construction, it has been a long time dream of mine to develop a building business that offers new and innovative home designs that are original, spectacular and affordable. After working as a sub-contractor for many local home builders, I realized that I have ideas and visions of incredible layouts and luxurious concepts that have yet to be seen, so now I want to take home building to a new level. I understand the building process from excavation, footings and proper drainage systems, all the way to the finish products of architectural embellishments & precision paint.

I have surrounded myself, and ultimately you, with the most knowledgeable and dedicated professionals in the business. It is our goal to provide our customers with an original and superior product. Some of the extraordinary concepts that are available include opulent Grand Foyers, extravagant Banquet Rooms, rare Master Bedroom Chambers, magnificent Estate Rooms, lush Galleries, dreamlike Gourmet Culinaries, gorgeous Spas and more!

Palatial is a diverse business and caters to homeowners who are looking to remodel too. We dedicate our talents to home renovation projects where detail and perfection are a must. We serve those customers who wish to enlarge their home with an addition, however large or small, or maybe a distinctive project such as a kitchen or bathroom makeover and update. Our talents are perfect for clients with a softer, simpler sense of taste as well. Whatever your budget may be, Palatial is ready to serve you.

Palatial Building & Development's other goal is to help homeowners fight the burden of monthly utility bills. Palatial is currently working with experts in the "green" and "completely energy efficient" aspects of home building that far surpass Energy Star standards and specifications. Our goal is not only to be able to retro-fit existing homes with the capability of using much less of our natural resources, but also to develop and build entire communities that ause absolutely none of those resources by staying completely off the power grid, thereby leaving a zero carbon footprint. Believe it or not, that technology is here!

We believe we know just what the buyer wants. Dont forget, at Palatial were homeowners too. So try us. Let us prove it to you. Before you finalize your construction project with another builder, come and see a Palatial design and judge for yourself. Compare our ideas with other construction companies. We will never forget that we are working for you. Beyond imagination lies Palatial Building & Development. Please join us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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