bedroom Other home builders have constructed beautiful looking homes in various communities around the Capital Region, but we at Palatial Building & Development believe we have taken the home design industry to a much higher standard and we want you, the customer, to join us.

In surveying potential home buyers we have found that our competitors charge extra for every imaginable upgrade there is, on items as minute as carpet padding and paint quality. Almost everyone is familiar with “Builders Grade” paint and the nightmare that goes along with it. The negotiations between home buyer and home builder can be a long and tedious process as the buyer figures out where to save so that he can spend. At Palatial our philosophy is different, new and exciting: Don't offer the customer lower grade items - ever! Always offer high quality products in carpet, padding, paint, vanities, trim detail and so on. The quality of the finishes a builder uses is what distinguishes an exquisite home from ordinary. We understand people work very hard for their money and want something very nice to show for it. How exciting would it be to sit down in your favorite chair after dinner and look around to see crown mouldings that look like hand-carved furniture? Or a coffered ceiling or wall panels that are wrought with ornate beauty. These are just some of the trademarks of a Palatial built home. Our heirloom quality designs are what transcend Palatial Building & Development, LLC and gives authenticity to our richly built residences.

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