sitting area Most home builders offer you a 1 year warranty on your purchase. If you should get a drafty window, a large crack in a wall, all those unsightly nail pops, etc. after 1 year has passed you’re on your own. Palatial believes that’s not good enough. Studies show that when you buy a car you spend between one tenth and one twentieth of what you’ll spend on your home. Yet with a new car you receive a several year, bumper to bumper warranty, and automobile manufacturers know every car will eventually break down. In 50 years will you still be driving that new Toyota you bought yesterday? Probably not. In 50 years will you or someone else still be living in that new home you just purchased? Absolutely.

That’s why Palatial Building & Development, LLC offers their unprecedented 2-3 year “Basement to Roof “ full warranty on any home you purchase from us. If anything should go wrong due to our workmanship we’ll repair it free with no hassle. With Palatial you’ll have a great home builder in addition to a great friend. We believe in building quality homes that last and relationships as well. So go to sleep at night knowing if you have a problem down the road, Palatial will be right there with you – it’s our promise! Palatial's intricate attention to detail and quality showcases the love we put into the creation of our elegantly appointed homes.

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